Ultrasound welding

This technique allows for quick, safe welding of rigid plastic components with the same or similar chemical characteristics.
The two pieces to be welded together are positioned overlapping each other on top of a base with the same geometric shape as the bottom piece.
A sonotrod exerts pressure on the two pieces, impressing high-frequency vibration on them, which joins the two areas for welding to one another.
Amorphous materials are the most commonly used and highly recommended for this type of welding, while for crystalline materials each specific case must be evaluated individually.
The two pieces to weld are positioned on a plate that has adequate shape and geometry.
The welding jig make a pressure on the two pieces and make a high-frequency vibration (from 20 Khz to 40 Khz according to the type of machine).
Pressure and vibration merge the zone that must be welded.