Manufacture of plastic technique components. Advice about the application of techno polymers, coo-design and simulation, prototypes and pilot moulds, moulds for the injection of thermoplastics, injection moulding, vibration welding, ultrasounds welding, tampography, painting, assemblages and testing.


  • Consultancy on plastic applications in general
  • Consultancy on specific characteristics of every polymer and on the definition of materials. Proposal about raw materials (polymers, reinforce, charges, additives etc.) and about the best ratio price-service.
  • Choice of materials: techno-polymers tailored to guarantee the performance expected
  • Assembly drawing and component design.
  • Creation of prototypes using the technology best suited to the prototype concerned
  • Construction of moulds
  • Standards research and drafting of test specifications.
  • Injection moulding and gas-assisted moulding. Welding and assembly
  • High-flexibility modifications and maintenance carried out in-house.
  • Management of the post-moulding stages with special processes and related processes
  • Management of complete unit orders and 100% testing
  • Technical assistance for ongoing improvement