Injection Moulding

It represents the most important department of our firm.
Our machinery is made up of 16 units from between 60 and 650 tons, completely set up for moulding of polymers and technical articles. A new centralized dehumidification system deals with our first matters and it consents to transform important quantities of technopolymers with constancy and quality.
Particular attention is dedicated to the choose of presses plasticization groups that is the heart of machines, with dedicated profiles to different families of materials and to the increasing presence of high-resistance groups that are necessary for the transformation of more performing compounds.
The number of auxiliary equipment, like control units temperatures, manipulators and different tools, is large. The special technologies, like moulding with gas, bi-colour, are realized through auxiliary equipment that consent the combination with presses of different tonnage.

Gas- Nitrogen moulding

This technology consents to resolve problems during the process of construction of different components, in order to avoid excessive thickness, complications with moulds and imperfections due to thick variations.
Meanwhile it’s possible to realize structural elements (cables) without the necessity of important system of carts branch.
The principal advantages are: simplification of shapes and moulds, reduction of imperfections, lightening of pieces and saving of materials.

Bi-materials moulding

It consents to realize single components with different materials through coo-moulding or over moulding.
The soft touch solutions get from rubber zones over-moulded on rigid component or bicoloured zones are spread.
With technical articles, it consents to give diversified performances to the components, simplifying the arrays (for example coo-moulding of gaskets). The projects are approachable with different solutions, for example through little satellite group of injection and different solutions about moulds.
As for materials, there are many choices and combinations, for example to cover with noble coatings structures made of recycled and low cost materials.PressaGrande-150x150

From the productive point of view the flexibility and the possibility to create customized configurations from simple and short productions with operator on machine board to automations of the continuous cycle is high.
In our department there are more than 500 moulds that rotate each one with an average of four changes per day.
Thanks to the approach of “Lean Plastic”, we have hold the replacement dead times, becoming from a traditional point of weakness to a point of strength.

The manufacture is monitored in real time with a precise automatic system of dates collection and the program of manufacture is managed with the aid of a complete system of scheduling with finite capacity that is able to optimize our resources.