It’s the most important service that Bear Plast offers to his customers. It consents big flexibility about construction, changes and routine or extraordinary maintenance.

The main types of moulds and proposed solutions are:

  • Pilot moulds;
  • Moulds with cavities for high productions;
  • Hot channel moulds;
  • Sandwich moulds;
  • Hundreds of solutions for movable parts, unscrewing, movements with opened and closed mould that are managed with interface on the presses;
  • Mould with maximum size: 1400×800

The main aspects about construction are:

  • normalized structures and fitting of high-quality. Big range of options with steels;
  • High-speed working with high-quality tools;
  • Electro erosions
  • Big range of thermo treatment
  • Big range of finishes according to standard references (polish, photogravure)