About us

Bear Plast is borned in 1975 from a production experience about construction moulds started in 1959. Is the present President and technical manager Arturo Bedogni (contingent ’41) who had started personally this business. Bear Plast develops the conception and the injection moulding about technical pieces with new polymers and innovative performances. Beyond a constant and graduate increase happended in selective way, privileging quality and service, with the income of the sons to the end of the years ’80, the company has conolidated its know how and it is constantly evolute in his organization and in his production ab.


To provide a complete service for the subcontracting of injection moulded technical plastic components in thermoplastic polymers. The strengths of Bear Plast spa lie in the organisational skills of the team entrusted with carrying out the company’s mission. Effective service is guaranteed thanks to the excellent in-house skills and equipment, as well as to a network of first-rate partners who work with us on a large number of phases such as co-design, choice of materials, creation of prototypes, construction of moulds, moulding and related processes managed also as a prime contractor for complex products.

Bear Plast was set up in 1975, founded on experience in mould production dating back to 1959, by the current Chairman and Chief Engineer Arturo Bedogni, born in 1941. Bear Plast deals with the design and injection moulding of technical articles using new polymers that guarantee innovative performance. Since its foundation, the company has gradually grown, thanks to its constant focus on quality and service. The entry into Bear Plast of Bedogni’s children in the late 1980s allowed the company to strengthen and consolidate its know-how, and since then it has undergone constant development, in terms of organisation, production capacity and synergy with customers.

Consultancy on plastic applications in general
Choice of materials: technopolymers tailored to guarantee the performance expected
Assembly drawing and component design.
Creation of prototypes using the technology best suited to the prototype concerned
Construction of moulds
Standards research and drafting of test specifications.
Injection moulding and gas-assisted moulding. Welding and assembly
High-flexibility modifications and maintenance carried out in-house.
Management of the post-moulding stages with special processes and related processes
Management of complete unit orders and 100% testing
Technical assistance for ongoing improvement

The injection process is used to transform over twenty types of polymers, from numerous elastomers to replace rubber materials to a large group of base polymers and numerous high-performance superpolymers. Properties can be combined in countless different ways by means of different fillers, reinforcements and additives. Our strengths lie in ongoing research into new formulas, the experience gained through 2000 solutions developed, the close collaboration of a number of suppliers and a careful eye on prices.