Quality has always been one of the distinguishing features of Bear Plast.
The system has been certified since 1999 and is compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 standards.
The IIP (Italian Plastics Institute) certification no. 357 regards the following main processes:
• Design and construction of moulds for plastic materials moulding.
• Production of articles in thermoplastic materials using the injection moulding process.


Bear Plast srl wants to abide by the prescriptions provided for by UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, to maintaining and to increasing our competitiveness through the continue improvement with the moulds planning, the productive process and the services to the customers.

This regulation fixes the qualifications that the Administration System of Quality must have to guarantee to the customers and to the Certifications Organisms a clear and correct administration in every phase of the products manufacture.

The main goals to reach are:

– identification of the elements that condition the satisfaction of our customers to control its proceeding and to develop improvement opportunities
– implementation of the collection file system related to the realization of the product with analysis of revelation to define a continue improvement process of performances
– development of staff competence and consciousness as a function of the role and responsibilities assigned

These goals can be reached only through the attainment of the following business objective:

– improvement of efficiency design-productive
– development of technical competences of all staff
– development of human resources
– improvement of quality of processes and products
– improvement of service and assistance to the customers
– definition of indicators to monitoring the main processes

We believe that the goals can be reached with:
- execution of “philosophy of continue improvement”
- adoption of overtures logic for firm processes
- involvement and assumption of responsibility of all our staff about the quality aspects in design, manufacture and service with all their activity
- the cooperation of all employers to reach the goals of our customers
- staff training from the technical point of view related to the consciousness and to the application of controls provided by the documents of Firm Quality System
- application of administrations proceedings

– individuation, analyse and administration of internal and external no-conformity 
- application of consequent remedial operations
– processing of preventive operations that must prevent prospective no-conformity
– application of internal audits
– improvement of internal security according to the Italian laws
– safeguard of Bear Plast’s environment
To reach these goals we provide all the necessary “resources” and we urge complete and active participation by all our staff to reach quality goals. Moreover we invite everybody to the maximum cooperation.

The management